Our Services

Market Segments

We have identified segments of the market where we can differentiate ourselves by delivering high-quality services built around our core strengths of engineering and end-to-end project management. These segments have over the years formed part of our Strategic Business Units (SBUs).  

ANKO Oil and Gas Services

ANKO Integrated Services Limited offers supplementary support services to the development and management of the oil and gas industry infrastructure in West Africa.


ANKO Power division

ANKO assures on time delivery, dependable services and high quality products for Power Sector and other customers.

Telecommunication & IT

Anko is a leading one-stop shop for telecom infrastructure and engineering offering services to all industries including oil and gas, financial institutes, Telecommunication and Manufacturing industries.

Solar Energy

Nigeria has begun to establish solar farms across the country to take advantage of the Sun and heat the country blessed with. There is no doubt that the solar solution is faster for implementation and even more inexpensive in the far range.

Civil & Construction

ANKO’s experience in construction execution and management enables her to undertaking cost effective projects in the upstream and downstream sectors of the oil and gas industry, Telecoms industry and electric utility transmission lines.


ANKO Products

ANKO offers specialized products, technologies and services to upstream, midstream, and downstream operations, as well as to solar energy projects and high pressure water markets.