Anko offers specialized products, technologies, and services to upstream, midstream, and downstream operations, as well as to solar energy projects and high pressure water markets. 
At Anko Integrated Services Limited, we are committed to supporting every client with the best solutions to answer the challenges of every industry.


West Africa, as we all know, is a wide meadow for many and varied business activities. The continent teaming with abundant resources and huge budgets, but on the other hand, regrettably for the continent, there are no unique and vital products and it is supported by Western products.
There is a need to understand the entire region, the diverse culture and the variegated processes related to pervasion. In parallel, the need of the countries for health products, security, advanced technology, etc. is infinitely high.

The product division of ANKO Company, designed to be the leader in its field and to introduce essential products to countries in the shortest time, with the lowest cost.