Cognify/Nice Smart Security Solutions

Qognify – Formerly NICE Security Optimize security operations minimize risk and improve investigations. We are aware that maintaining safety and security of Oil & Gas infrastructure especially in Nigeria is highly complex and challenging. The risks are multipronged, with a list that runs long, and ranges from terror acts, theft and vandalism to natural disasters. Controlling and managing incidents in all of these areas is paramount to a smooth oil & Gas operation.

To ameliorate this risk, Anko Partnered with Qognify – Formerly NICE Security provide an intelligent security solution for the O&G companies, Government parastatals and other varied sectors that enable them prevent, detect and investigate a wide range of challenges and threats like Terrorist sabotage / pipeline attacks, Theft / Pipeline Tapping, Vandalism, Inadvertent 3rd party damage or Natural disasters (such as flooding’s, Earthquake etc..).