Power Infrastructure Services

Anko safely builds, maintains and provides comprehensive solutions for the infrastructure that delivers electricity, and all its conveniences, to neighbourhoods and businesses. Utilities, electric distribution companies, government agencies and independent power producers (IPPs) choose Anko because, as one of the industry leader for infrastructure solutions, its wide-ranging knowledge, unrestrained resources and complete scope of services are unrivalled in Nigeria. Electric power providers call on Anko because the company has proven its grit, even in the face of time constraints, stormy weather, challenging community terrain and uncharted territory. Our services are as follows:

  • Transmission & Distribution Construction

Anko specializes in the construction and maintenance of steel and wood transmission tower erections and wire stringing, capabilities ranging from 765 kv to 69 kv. Industry leading expertise and specialized equipment allow Anko to work any configuration, length or voltage in any region, and through any terrain.

Overhead or underground Anko installs, repairs and maintains every part of the distribution system. Services range from traditional line maintenance to technologically advanced solutions and services around the smart grid.

  • Substation Construction

Anko provides turnkey substation solutions, ranging from site preparation and foundations to construction and energization. The company’s design/build services cover substations, switch yards, metering stations and compressor stations.

  • Installation of Transformers and Generators

Anko has an extensive capability to install transformers and generators of varied capacity to different sectors. We have a strong history of deploying these services to the oil and Gas, telecoms and power sectors.

  • Foundation Construction

Anko provides duct-bank installations, sub-grade grounding systems, site work and fencing as well as heavy concrete foundations for compressor stations, electrical substations and transmission lines. In addition, custom built specialized equipment allows the company to operate in the most remote and environmentally sensitive areas

  • Field Maintenance and Testing

Anko specializes in a variety of power system services from acceptance testing and field engineering to the maintenance, troubleshooting, repair and modifications of all elements in a power system.