ANKO is one of Nigerian’s leading independent solar power engineering company that offers clean and affordable solar energy to its customers with zero upfront cost and operational expenses. ANKO’s vision is to prove that solar energy is the most affordable and reliable power generation source for forward-thinking power consumers. The basic purpose of ANKO is to be the lowest cost producer of solar power in the world. By providing solar energy as a service, ANKO manages the entire project process for its customers, reduces costs of generating electricity, and provides long term predictable pricing. ANKO has several projects operating under various policies for grid connected, rooftops and off-grid systems in the country. ANKO's team has decades of experience building industry- leading companies, executing complex infrastructure projects, and financing high-growth enterprises. From concept to fully-functioning power plant, we have completed the fastest construction of a private utility-scale solar power plant in Nigeria. ANKO has continuously demonstrated its cost leadership and continuous push towards grid parity for solar power in Nigeria. ANKO has one of the largest portfolio of operating solar projects with a strong pipeline and hence continues to demonstrate its commitment to inclusive growth through clean energy generation for grid connected, rooftop and off-grid initiatives pan Nigeria. ANKO’s unmatched world-class execution capabilities and experience makes it the best proposition for customers. We design, finance, execute, operate, and maintain high quality solar power plants.

Our vision, global approach and research helps us in delivering world class solutions with high degree of innovation and quality. We rely on cutting-edge technologies to provide our customers the highest degree of quality standards. This helps us in raising the bar, both for ourselves and the solar industry. Additionally, we offer the following services:
  • Design, engineering and construction of grid integrated solar installations
  • Off grid solar installations for villages, hamlets and remote areas
  • Turnkey solar installations for commercial and residential complexes on roof tops, as back up and alternate source.
  • Operation & maintenance of solar installations