Electrical Infrastructure Services

Anko safely provides engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) services for comprehensive infrastructure needs in the electric power and oil and natural gas industries. With a strong workforce and a strong presence across Nigeria and West Africa, Anko is the premier provider in the industries it serves. Through a team of electric power and oil and gas service companies, Anko is the complete solution.

Anko provides installation, maintenance and repair of LV, MV and HV electrical systems and depending on individual customer requirements, we also provide corrective maintenance and on-call services electrical components, fibre optic cables, building control and automation systems to the operators of renewable plants, Oil and Gas, retail, commercial and industrial facilities.


Our scope includes preventive maintenance of all plant elements, including turbine switchgears, MV, earthing, fibre-optic networks, and all substation elements.

We design, assemble and install AMF panels which are widely used in Telecom, apartments, textiles and other varied industries for automatic changeover from mains to stand-by generators at the time of power failure.

Switchgear and motor controls failures are typically disastrous and results in costs not only associated with damages to the equipment itself, but also the damage done to the equipment it protects. Bad gear is also a workplace hazard, as failure can easily burn up the equipment and cause fires. As a result, Anko designs and assemble specialized motor control centers that are specially designed to operate machinery, industrial processes, and commercial building systems. We also have a full fledge panel workshop with capacity to build LV and MV switch gears, retrofit existing panels, upgrade or repair switchgears.

We design, assemble and install Power Distribution Panels for Telecom and other industries. Our Power Distribution Panel range include  DCDB and ACDB that are designed as per customer specifications and are complete constructs with required wiring and harnessing that minimizes on-site installation time.