Business Units

Power/Electrical & Instrumentation

As an Engineering, Procurement, Installation and Commissioning (EPIC) company,
Anko delivers bespoke turnkey services within the Power, Electrical and
Instrumentation Segment. From construction of substations, Installation of
Transformers and Generators, design, assemble and installation of Power
Distribution Panels, instrumentation construction services to installation of solar
farms across Nigeria, Anko assures on time delivery, dependable services and high
quality products for varied these sectors. Our services with this SUB are as follow:

  1. Power Infrastructure Services
  2. Electrical Infrastructure Services
  3. Instrumentation and Control Services
  4. Solar Energy Services


Telecommunication Services

Anko has more than 10 years experience in turnkey solutions for telecommunication
site building, Cell site audit and networking including equipment supply, civil works,
Earthing System Development, Tower Erection, RF works, license Acquisitions for
MW, mechanical and electrical installations. From detailed site survey to completion
of the site Anko’s EPC offers quality services, meeting delivery schedules and
optimally priced services. Our Telecoms Services are as follows:

  1. Telecoms turnkey services
  2. IT infrastructure Services
  3. Project Management Services

OEM / New Technologies

As a solution provider to the varied sectors within the Nigerian Industries, Anko
seeks to partner with leading technological companies abroad and bring in unique
technologies that will help put the country at the fore of global technological
advancement. This quest also push Anko’s representatives across the globe
sourcing for new technology that will optimise business process, improve security
and safeguard lives and property. Since 2014, Anko has delivered at the threshold of
some of the most renowned organisation in Nigeria; unique solutions that have
helped them achieve their specific objectives.

  1. Opgal
  2. Qognify
  3. MS Tech Ltd